White Wine

Bianco Delle Venezie, Cesari
Medium dry, fresh & crisp wine
Region - Veneto

By the Bottle £18.95   |   175ml glass £4.95   |   250ml glass £6.95

Frascati Superiore, Terre Romane
Light & dry with a toasted almond finish
Region - Lazio

By the Bottle   £20.95

Orvieto Classico Amabile, Terre Romane
Medium sweet, clean, crisp and well balanced with good character
Region - Umbria

By the Bottle   £19.95

Mitico Chardonnay
Dry, fresh & harmonic taste; intense & spirited wine
Region - Veneto

By the Bottle   £22.95

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie ‘Fiorile’ Cesari
Full-bodied, dry, fruity wine with a light delicate finish
Region - Veneto
By the Bottle   £23.95

Villadoria Gavi di Gavi Doc
One of Italy’s finest white wines, refined & generous
Region - Piemonte
By the Bottle   £25.95

False Bay, Sauvignon Blanc
Classic sauvignon fruit with a touch of gooseberry. Dry yet rounded, crisp finish
Region - Wellington, South Africa
By the Bottle   £25.95

Insolia Sicilia
Nutty & round, with tropical fruit on the nose & palate
Region - Sicilia
By the Bottle   £25.95

Rose Wine

Bardolino Chiaretto, Cesari
Very fruity bouquet, light, fresh taste
Region - Veneto
By the Bottle   £19.95  |  175ml glass  £4.95  |  250ml glass  £6.95

Pinot Grigio Farina, Pink Blush
Light, dry, fresh taste
Region - Veneto
By the Bottle   £20.95  |  175ml glass  £4.95  |  250ml glass  £6.95

Red Wine

Merlot delle Venezie, Cesari
Full-flavoured, soft, intense bouquet
Region - Veneto
By the Bottle  £18.95  |  175ml glass  £4.95  |  250ml glass  £6.95

Nero d’Avola
Deep red fragrant wine with intense agreeable fruit on the palate, great finish
Region - Sicilia
By the Bottle  £21.95

Primitivo del Salento

Well balanced fruit & tannin, smooth & clean

Region - Puglia
By the Bottle  £21.95

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Montori
Dry, soft & gently tannic flavour. Full bodied wine with great character
Region - Abruzzo
By the Bottle  £24.95

Chianti Classico, Geografico
Rich & refined wine with complex bouquet & flavour
Region - Toscana
By the Bottle  £25.95

‘Mara’ Vino di Ripasso, Cesari
A full-bodied velvety wine, created by ripasso technique (refermentation on amarone skins), great wine
Region - Veneto

By the Bottle  £30.95

A classic Barolo with a characteristic bouquet, complex and full bodied with a long finish
Region - Piemonte, Italy

By the Bottle  £39.95

Il Bosco Amarone Classico, Cesari
One of Italy's most authoritative wines, full bodied, powerful, vinous bouquet and fine tannins with an excellent amarone finish.
Region - Veneto
By the Bottle  £57.95

Champagne & Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Brut
By the Bottle  £25.95

Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale Brut
By the Bottle   £30.55

Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale Max Rosé
By the Bottle  £36.95

Moët et Chandon N/V
By the Bottle  £54.95

Soft Drinks & Beers

Mineral Water
(Still & Sparkling 750 ml)
By the Bottle  £4.65

Soft Drinks & Juices

By the Bottle  £2.25

Beers / Lagers / Ciders
By the Bottle  £4.65

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