About Maurizio's

Customers tell me they dine at Maurizio’s not only to enjoy the appetising aroma of authentic, freshly-prepared Italian food that comes out of our kitchen but also because of the relaxed atmosphere.

And they like to know that my insistence on quality extends, whenever possible, to personally inspecting every dish before it’s allowed to leave the kitchen. Perfect air-conditioning throughout the premises, naturally.

As for our dishes, they are prepared to suit all tastes. Yes - they really are. Whatever your taste, we will do our best to satisfy it. Delectable vegetarian options, family favourites, and the magic of our Chef’s many ‘specials’. An example? Mediterranean sardines grilled with Maurizio’s secret herb recipe and served with a slice of lemon.

Your mouth is watering as you read? Well, of course!

Maurizio’s Restaurant opened in Rickmansworth in 1999 and I look forward to welcoming you with the many regular customers who have become good friends over the years. If you are thinking of organising a larger party for the family or office I would be delighted to do something special for you in the main restaurant or in our private room.

Buon Apetito!

Maurizio Tarantello

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